Mylan is proud to support independent clinical research conducted by qualified investigators to continue setting new standards in healthcare.  In supporting studies that increase scientific knowledge or clinical evidence, Mylan can continue to address unmet medical needs by way of Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs).

An IIT is a clinical study designed and managed independently of Mylan.  The Principal Investigator (PI) assumes full responsibility for the design, ethics and conduct as well as reporting of the study.   Mylan may support IIT initiatives by providing funding, drug product or a combination of both.

Please register on the portal and follow the instructions to submit an initial concept.  The concept will be vetted by a cross-functional Mylan team.  Following review, a full submission may be requested which can be submitted via this portal.  A second cross-functional review will take place, following which a communication will be provided by the Committee regarding the review decision and applicable next steps.  For assistance in completing the registration, initial concept, or full submission please contact